THe Coaching Process


What is coaching?

Coaching is about moving forward in your life with depth, clarity, purpose and passion.  It’s a one-on-one equal relationship between you and your coach, where you are empowered to create the kind of coaching dynamic that works best for you. Coaching is not about you being broken and needing to be “fixed.” It’s about harnessing your own creative resources and applying them effectively to your life. Coaching is about powerful conversations that open doorways you might not have seen without the objectivity of the coach who is witnessing, supporting, and sometimes challenging you. Coaching is a discovery process about yourself, and your self may just surprise you! You may come in with a particular subject that you want to work with and come out with ideas, solutions, and insights that not only address the subject, but also impact the larger entirety of who you are.  

Who gets coached?

Coaching is for you if you’re going through a transition in work, in relationship, in a creative endeavor, experiencing a spiritual emergence, or even deepening the relationship to your self. You may want coaching in generating new ideas, simplifying your life, or navigating change, whether that change is an external or internal shift.  Anyone who wants to foster growth and transformation in their life can benefit from the coaching relationship.  

How I work with you.

Building the coaching foundation

First we get to know each other to determine if the coaching relationship is a good fit.  This means a free half hour conversation with me on the phone or in person. If we move forward with coaching, we will meet 1x1 either on the phone, on video, or in person depending on what works best for you. We’ll spend some time building the structure of how you’d like our relationship to work, and how you want to be coached. I’ll ask questions to get to know you better. Questions about where you are in your life and where you want to go, what’s important to you, what areas of your life you’d like to see change or growth in, where you get stuck, and what fires you up. From there we will work with subjects you want coaching on.

Identifying archetypal undercurrents

My background in Jungian and archetypal psychology means that I’m always listening for what’s present but not consciously acknowledged. Carl Jung defined archetypes as universal patterns and images that are present in all people and all cultures. Often we are not aware of them because they lie underneath the threshold of conscious awareness.  When they remain unconscious they can influence our decisions in ways we are unaware of. But when they rise to consciousness, they become our allies, potent energies and images that enrich and assist us in becoming our best selves. As a coach, I work with you to identify and name these forces; I help you to connect to their quality and character, and to catalyze that energy as a positive force on your behalf

Embracing an embodied approach

Sometimes the body knows best. We are more than just a brain using the body to get us from one place to another. The body has its own inherent wisdom. When we bring the body into the coaching conversation by engaging with the sensations, movement, images, and stories that are held in the body, we can move beyond the predictable, rational assumptions we have about our situations and ourselves. A simple step from one space to another can open up a whole new perspective and insight. We may discover resources and strengths that our rational consciousness could not have imagined. The body never lies, and it is your ally and your unique instrument to tune into your goals in an intuitive and yet grounded and practical way.

Utilizing the power of dreams

Dreams often seem difficult to understand or irrelevant to daily life. However dreams (even nightmares) can be of invaluable service to your healing and wholeness, and they express something you are not consciously aware of. While dreams may seem unrelated to your life goals, they often contain potent information that has relevance to your current situation. If you want to work with dreams in coaching sessions, I use a creative and cutting edge approach that allows the voices of dream images to speak. If you would like to dream more, I offer exercises to help increase your dream life. 

Engaging the whole person

When I coach my entire attention is focused on you. I listen to what you’re saying and to what you’re not saying. I’ll hold space for dreams, for creativity, for sadness and for joy.  I’ll remind you of your fabulousness, and I’ll challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. We will be creative and spontaneous, and we will be structured and practical. The goal is to get you where you want to be, leaving no part of your self behind. This is coaching of the whole person, the you that you know, and the you that has yet to be discovered.

Are you ready?