Psychologist, Teacher, Writer

About Me

My passion is collaboration with inspiration.  The root of the word inspire, enspiren, means to be filled with the breath or energy of the sacred, and to excite or inflame that sacred energy into expression and action. Whatever life path we may be traveling, it is often the direct experience of the sacred that deeply compels, motivates, and transforms us.  My work is to help you understand and express the sacred wisdom that is emerging from the deep wellspring of your being, and to express that unique gift and voice in the world.

I am  a Jungian depth psychologist, an expressive arts therapist, and a kundalini meditation teacher with over 25 years of experience working with the energy of kundalini. I have conducted workshops worldwide, including  work with youth in Luanda, Angola (see  I lived overseas for fourteen years in Africa, Brazil, and Indonesia.  As a result I have a deep appreciation for spiritually and culturally diverse experiences which offer opportunities to embrace our uniqueness while honoring our common humanity.

I offer kundalini classes and retreats, writing workshops, and in-depth coaching and consultations related to personal and spiritual development.  My consultations engage the wisdom of the body and work with the potent messages of dreams to guide the process of delving into the creative energy of the psyche.

I am here to support you in deepening the connection to your own sacred source.