Dana Swain Coaching

Dana Swain Coaching

Dana Swain CoachingDana Swain CoachingDana Swain Coaching

Transform your life by being you, on purpose.

Coaching on Purpose

You offer the world a unique set of gifts, life experience, and wisdom that is your distinct genius. No one else offers the world what you do. But sometimes transitions, new ventures, and the unexpected plot twists in life can leave you feeling lost in the wilderness of your own soul. Connecting to your inmost passion and purpose can be an adventure into the unknown, but also a remembering and embracing of who you have always known yourself to be.  

If you’re feeling creatively blocked, experiencing confusion over a life change, or longing to delve deeper into unknown parts of yourself, I’m your coach. Together we’ll explore new possibilities and unleash your brilliance so that you can shine your unique light into and for the world. I’ll work with you to connect—or reconnect—to your purpose and I will keep you motivated and moving until you reach your goals and live the life you were born to live.


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